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Hot and Spicy Pizza

It’s a lovely day in Vancouver, mild overcast and no rain. Sounds like the makings of a great weekend. In lieu of the hot summer sun, today for lunch I’m trying Paragon Pizza’s Hot and Spicy Pizza. Isn’t it lovely? I was a little worried about the hot pepperoni, but it’s actually not that bad. […]

Italian Special Pizza (with Shrimp)

After a nice relaxing holiday, we’re back and ready to review the specialty pizzas at Vancouver’s best pizzeria. Today we have the Italian Special Pizza (with Shrimp!)  from Paragon Pizza ready to be reviewed. For being an Italian special pizza, this one is jumping right up to being a favourite. The pepperoni, salami, Italian sausage […]

Chipotle Chicken Revisited

It’s Pizza Party Friday! Today I’m trying the Chipotle Chicken, this time it’s medium hot. Just like last time, there’s a lovely creamy base and is simply loaded with tender chicken and crisp green peppers. It’s nice and gentle with sparks of flavour. After a week of peanut butter and jam sandwiches, this is exactly what […]

Tuscan Pizza

Today I had lunch with a Vegetarian friend. They recommended that I try the Tuscan Pizza. I’ve never had an artichoke, don’t like olives and there was no meat. So was a little unsure about this one. I took my first slice and, talk about delicious! Compared to other pizzas, this one was nice and […]

Tandoori Chicken

I’ve never in my life tried anything Tandoori, so today I figured it was a good day to try out the Tandoori Chicken Pizza. Can I say YUMMY? I’ll be the first person to say that Paragon Pizza’s Chipotle Chicken was my all star favourite, but this one is close competition. The chicken was moist (for […]

Feta Special

Two nights ago I had a delicious Greek Salad with not a lot of Feta Cheese, so today I wanted to have a lot of Feta Cheese. The answer? Paragon Pizza’s Feta Special Pizza. Let’s take a moment to appreciate the delicately browned cheese. I don’t know if you’ve tried to melt Feta yourself, but […]

Creamy Chicken Pizza

Happy Halloween! Today’s Pizza is the Creamy Chicken. Since it’s Halloween, my sweet tooth was acting up. The creamy chicken it all the right spots with the white sauce. Now, this pizza isn’t sweet like a candy bar, but rather more savory sweet. I had to make sure I paced myself as I enjoyed my […]

Spinach Lovers

Late lunch for me today – but that’s okay! It’s Friday! Today, I’m trying the Spinach Lover pizza. This pizza has been a hidden gem at Paragon for a long time, in my opinion. I’m normally all about the meat pizzas, but today I wanted something a bit more lighter and delicate, plus I’ve been […]

BBQ Chicken Pizza

Today I’m thankful for Pizza, my favourite type food. In true Canadian spirit, I’m preparing myself for the upcoming holiday of Thanksgiving by trying Paragon Pizza’s BBQ Chicken Pizza. I can only hope my turkey looks as good on Sunday. Typically, I’m not a fan of BBQ sauce. Much like the Tropical Hawaiian Pizza, this […]

Tropical Hawaiian

Pineapple. My favourite fruit and food. Why isn’t it their own category? Everyone should have more pineapple in their diet. That’s why this week, I tried the Tropical Hawaiian Pizza. I wasn’t so sure about BBQ sauce being mixed in with the tomato base and how well the pineapple would work. When I took my […]