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Italian Special Pizza

Friday again? Talk about a quick week! Today I’m snacking on the pizza from Italian Special Pizza Paragon Pizza in Vancouver. I wasn’t as quick to open the box today (about 20 mins late to taking my lunch break, sad for me), and it was still fresh and smelled like heaven. I didn’t even bother to […]

Chipotle Shrimp

It’s almost Christmas! Today is my last review for 2014. Don’t worry, I’ll be back in January sampling more of Paragon Pizza’s delicious pizzas. Today, I wanted to treat myself with my favourite pizza, but I decided to swap the chicken for shrimp to see just what happens to the taste.   So, the shrimp is […]

Butter Chicken Pizza

Today for lunch, I tried the Butter Chicken Pizza. Special yummy butter sauce? Probably the most accurate verbiage on the menu aside from “The Best Pizza You’ll Ever Taste!” When I placed my order I didn’t read what was on the pizza. I was super impressed and surprised with the vegetable combination and selection. To […]

Butter Chicken Pizza

TGIF! It’s Pizza Party Friday. Nothing like a shortened week in the office the kick start the weekend. Last night I had an amazing butter chicken for dinner that left me craving more today. Today’s Pizza is Paragon’s Butter Chicken Pizza. It’s great! The sauce is far better than any butter chicken sauce I’ve had in […]