Tandoori Chicken Pizza from Paragon Pizza

Tandoori Chicken

I’ve never in my life tried anything Tandoori, so today I figured it was a good day to try out the Tandoori Chicken Pizza.

Tandoori Chicken Pizza from Paragon Pizza

Can I say YUMMY? I’ll be the first person to say that Paragon Pizza’s Chipotle Chicken was my all star favourite, but this one is close competition. The chicken was moist (for being roasted in small bits, I’m impressed). The toppings are generous as always, and the sauce has just enough kick to wake up my sense of taste between taking bites. I only ordered a small, and I am already regretting not getting a large.

I’m having a party tomorrow night, and I’m happy to say that this will be a featured pizza. I can’t wait till my friends try this pizza!

This reviewer gives it a 5 out of 5.

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